Monday, January 2, 2012

without having

Sometimes, somewhere, I usually ask my self. Who I am , and where I belong. I used to write a million sentences from my biggest mind. Poem , heart words , song , or story . That's my hobby . I usually tell the stories about the others , until i wrote one story. It happened in the past. The story .. about my self. I tried harder to remember the times , what I've done , what I looked for , and learning from the past . Sometimes , the regret comes slowly . And make me ask my shadow . What did you do ? What did you want ? You're a bad girl ! You should know where you belong ! You should know who you are !

She didn't know. They always puss me. I lost my only one when I was a child , i tried to find someone who has the Same things like him. And when I got it, I did a mistake. The biggest mistake.
But I know he don't like my only one. He has the best thing. And he's different. Learning about the people makes me learn about my self. And learning about my self will teach me about the greatest one, Allah swt.
And I catch one thing. We could love the others, your stuff, your doll, the people, and someone,
without having. :)

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