Saturday, May 14, 2011


Our destinies come like a storm changing my heart.
If we're together, I'm not afraid anything even the end of the world.
We're able to understand each other and to share with them like a child.
Obscured by the sands of time unable to hold on.
I gave up 'till I saw you again, asking ' how much pain have you been carrying all alone? And how much loneliness is hidden behind your eyes when you smile?
Embrace this miracle and we'll become stronger.
And that's not something you call love, so what is the name of love for you?
May be you're not the person I thought you were.
But it was this love that called 'air' . I don't regret the choices.
Like this, in your arms I closed my eyes and searched for the possibility.

Elementary School

Friday, May 13, 2011


The story of Beyond

Once upon a time, there was a farmer lived on a little village with family. He lived with his wife and two daughters. The first daughter’s name is Lyana. They were happy together after the first child born with a beautiful face and she looked so cute. Next two years, Lyana got a sister. She is Beyond. Her parents were shocked and scary. They looked the baby, she was crying. His wife gave a necless, and the baby girl stopped crying. Her hairs gone white, and she had three eyes on her face.
When they grown up to be a young girl, there were looked the different of them. Liana got anything. A lot of friends, everyone liked her, and the people always talking about her kindness and her friendly. The important thing is she got Reinard. The person who loved her. But, oh.. . Beyond. No one wanted to be her friend, no one wanted to talk with her. She always crying when the people said, “She’s like a monster ! Stay away from us.” . She hated them but she loved her sister so much. Lyana ever said, “If I can give you anything, I’ll give it to you. To feel all of this. Don’t cry my lovely” . And Beyond said, “Thank you. I need you here. Our parents always busy. Well, I know mom loves us. “ . They promised to keep her sister.
One day, Beyond met with Reinard. The tragedy was so great. Beyond was falling in love with him. He helped her when she got a problem with her stuff. But she knew that he is her sister’s boyfriend. She was thinking, “ No. I love my sister. I have promised to never disappoint her. “. But times could not stop. Until one time she could not see the truth. She wanted to get him. She forgot her promised. Lyana didn’t know about Beyond’s heart and she often her sister to go out with her boyfriend.
Beyond was jealous with her sister. She hated her sister. It started when Reinard was holding Lyana’s hand and gave her a ring, “Do you want to marry me ?“, he said. “Yes, I do. I love you“, she said. The villagers were happy. They saw the most beautiful girl in their village would get married. There was Beyond. She looked so angry. She ran to her room and crying under her pillow. And her mom said, “Why do you cry, dear ?”. “I hate her. She got anything. She got what I want. They I’m a monster. I never make a mistake or something bad. It’s not fair !”. “Dear, I wanna tell you about something. Dad, he doesn’t care. But that’s not true. He ever made a mistake and I was sad it have changed you. Forgive me.” Mom said. “What ? It’s so evil. I hate myself. I hate Lyana ! Since, I met Reinard and I’m falling in love with him. And I must see my sister marry him ? NO WAY. “ she said. They didn’t know Lyana heard everything. She was so disappointed to her sister.
One of perfect day, Lyana went out to the mysterious cave. She didn’t know what to do. She was crying inside. But she loved her sister. She said, “God, please. Change me. Change to be her. She have a chance.”. After that, she saw a light and ‘boom’. The times turned back like before. Beyond woke up and and found herself in the mirror. “Oh my God, is it me? Impossible “ she said. She was glad. And Lyana, “It works.” She said. Lyana cried. But she gave with a sincere heart.
“I don’t believe it. I’m beautiful ?”, Beyond said. “Yes , it’s you. I gave it to you as my promised. You’re falling in love with my boyfriend. Now, you have everything. Don’t be bad my sister” she said with a smile. “Oh of course. Thanks. I’ll enjoy my life with my husband. He belongs to me”.
When Lyana went out her home, she met Reinard. “ Lyana, where will you go ? “, he asked her. “What ? haha, I’m Beyond.”, she said. “ Are you kidding ? You’re Lyana. My perfect girl.”, he said. “Why can’t you see ? I’m ugly, I’m Beyond.”, see said it again. “No, what’s wrong with you?”. Lyana told the story about her sister. “It’s crazy. I don’t love her. I never think she’s like a monster. I saw her like my younger sister. She will be my sister and you will be my wife !.” he said. “Sorry, she’s living with her sadness. And what should I do ?”, she asked. “I don’t care. I’ll never marry her.” . “No, you will. Just one request from me. I love you, Reinard” she said. “ I love you too” Reinard said. They didn’t see Beyond behind the tree. She got a bad plan.
The day was come. Beyond wake up in the morning and it was still dark. She made a glass of tea, and she put the poison of black flowers. Then, she put the glass on Lyana’s table. After that she went to her room. With a smile of evil, she was waiting until the time. Lyana got a glass of tea on her table, so she drank it. “Oh my chest, Beyond ! mom ! Help me..”, she said. No one heard. Oh, it was really dark. Beyond cried when she saw her sister was died. She knew she killed Lyana, But there was no way.
When the people were ready to see Lyana with her greatful dress, Reinard asked Beyond. “Where is she?”. “What ? You will be my husband, so leave her and be a good man. You’re mine. I’m the one for you” she said. “What do you want ? I really love her. You’re beautiful inside. Whatever they say. “ he tried to warn Beyond. “Up to you. I’ll always wait until you give up. And you will love as Lyana”.
Reinard went to Lyana’s room. She could not wake up. She didn’t open her eyes. He knew that Beyond killed her. “Oh God, I hope you give her a punishment about it all”. The rain fell over there, the people looked Lyana changed. There was Beyond. “ You’re a monster . You tricked us ?”, one of them said. “Dear, why ? What happened with you?”, her dad said for the first time. “ I hate you all, I hate her ! You never know what I feel. “. The rain stopped for a while, and a big flood came so fast. They were died. Beyond. She was lost. She was gone. Reinard said, “I can’t replace you, I’ll keep you deep in my heart, Lyana”. After he walked on the bridge. He saw a beyond. It was lightning and beautiful. It was Lyana. “Thanks God, you give me a chance to always remember her. My beyond, Lyana”. He said. He left the village and continued his life with his beyond. The symbol of Lyana’s heart.

Created by Annisa Putri L